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Consumer Loan Program

Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation Consumer Loan Program: Empowering Fresno & Central Valley Communities.

Accessible Consumer Loans for Fresno & Surrounding Rural Communities

The Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation (FAHF) is dedicated to empowering individuals in Fresno and the surrounding Central Valley rural communities by offering affordable consumer loans. Our unique loan program is designed to provide financial assistance to those who lack access to traditional financing sources, while also presenting opportunities to improve their personal finances.

Eligible Uses of Consumer Loans

FAHF's Consumer Loan Program is designed to cater to a variety of financial needs. Borrowers can use the funds for several purposes, including:

  • Refinancing high-interest rate debt

  • Emergencies

  • Covering unexpected expenses like car or home repairs

  • Purchasing essential home appliances

  • Contributing towards the purchase of a car

  • And more!

Affordable Loans

$500 to $3,000
12% annual interest

24 month loan

  • $3,000 - 141/month

  • 2,000 - $94/month

  • 1,000 - $47/month

*Approximate figures
$35 Application fee + 2.5% Loan origination fee.

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Building Financial Stability in Fresno &
Central Valley Rural Areas

At the Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals in Fresno and surrounding rural communities in the Central Valley. Our Consumer Loan Program not only offers accessible financing options but also provides valuable resources to help borrowers improve their personal financial situation.


Don't let limited access to financing hold you back. Explore the FAHF Consumer Loan Program and take the first step towards a brighter financial future.


Marco A. Arellano received $2,000 from our consumer program in early 2022. With these funds, Arellano was able to pay his car off and use the rest of the funds to pay his rent. Arellano works as a trailer mechanic assistant in Bakersfield, but lives in Lamont, CA. There was a period of time in Arellano's life where he became ill and wasn’t able to work for a few months.  Shortly after Arellano found himself depressed. Although Arellano struggled to get back on his feet for himself and his family, in the midst of all of the hardship his son was accepted Stanford University. This was the drive Arellano needed to get back on his feet. Now he's been able to receive the assistance that he needs to propel his life forward. Here at FAHF we thrive when our clients succeed and that's why we work with them step-by-step to ensure they have all the tools and resources necessary. 

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