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About The Hub:

The Downtown Business Hub incubator is a one-of-a-kind project that serves as the first bilingual (English/Spanish) business incubator in the Western United States. It is also known to be the third in the country of its kind. The Downtown Business Hub (DBH) incubator provides the community and businesses with a one-stop-shop service center and supports the start-up and growth of businesses through technical assistance, outreach, advocacy and access to capital. The incubation program of businesses provides businesses with long term training and one-on-one counseling. Businesses incubate for a period of 2 or 3 years before they move forward independently with their business goals. This project serves as a great example of an innovative strategy that directly improves people’s lives. Businesses receive unconditional support that is nurturing for their businesses success.


The vison of the Downtown Business Hub (DBH) incubator was created in 2002 by CEO, Dora Westerlund and a group of local business owners that joined her venture. There was no doubt that a business incubator would serve as a great resource center for small businesses that were underserved and needed the guidance to establish a successful business.


After 5 years of planning and hard work, in 2007, with the help of private investors and philanthropic dollars, a 13,000 sq. ft. building was purchased to be renovated and turned into a business incubator. The idea of the business incubator was then presented to the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration to obtain financing support for the renovations. It took Dora several months to prepare a business plan and financial reports that would prove a successful business model. Finally, in 2009, the Economic Development Administration granted the Foundation a $1.7 million grant that would support over 95% of the renovations. After over 8 years or perseverance and strong efforts in accomplishing her vision, Dora, with the help of community partners, celebrated the grand opening of the Downtown Business Hub incubator in 2011.


The DBH also serves as a virtual office space for small businesses that need a professional business address and location at which they can conduct business while living in a different city or state. The virtual office space also provides mobile business owners with a temporary work station that allows them to use our internet, telephone, and conference rooms for their business use.


Since Opening in 2011,

The Downtown Business Hub Has:














DBH Amenities

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  • Conference Rooms

    Meet clients, show presentations, plan, etc. in one of our two large conference rooms.

  • Training


    Host a luncheon meeting, give a workshop, or train employees in our sizable training center.

  • High Speed Internet

    All tenants and their guests have access to our high speed internet and WiFi. 

  • Onsite Network

    Create a networking foundation by meeting other tenants at the Downtown Business Hub.

  • Virtual Office

    Need an address for your business? Become one of our virtual tenants.

  • Onsite Help

    As a tenant you are never to far from the FAHF team, where they can help guide you in business.

  • Printing Station

    Colored and Grey-scale printing is available to all tenants at our printing station.

  • Office Phone

    Not only does your office come furnished with a desk and chair, but as a tenant, you receive your own office phone as well. 

  • Common Lounge

    There is a kitchenette and vending machines available to all tenants.

Current DBH Tenants

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (AME)

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (AME)

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (AME)

Current DBH Tenants

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (AME)

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (AME)

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