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The Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation, in partnership with the

City of Fresno is providing a total of $1,000,000 for façade improvements under the City of Fresno General Fund. The intent is to strengthen the economic vitality of Fresno by improving the exterior physical appearance of commercial businesses and

Non-profits within the eligible areas in Districts 1 and 4.


The Program is designed to fund commercial façade improvements visible from public right-of-way.

Apply for the Façade for Districts 1 & 4

Improvement Program Grant

The program provides funding for façade improvement projects to approved applicants interested in enhancing existing business space exterior. Grant proceeds will be used for labor and materials directly related to the façade project. Upon approval, the grants will reimburse up to $25,000 for single storefront properties, and up to $50,000 for multiple storefronts properties after FAHF & CITY deems the project complete and upon submitting invoice and proof of payment.

Once approved, advancement of 50% of the grant amount will be provided to qualified businesses.

Applications shall be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Maximum Reimbursement

Existing Properties  with Single Storefront

Maximum Reimbursement

Existing Properties  with Multiple Storefronts

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Eligibility Requirements
& Guidelines

  1. Must have a current Business Tax Certificate and be in good standing with the City of Fresno.

  2. MUST be within the City of Fresno District 1 or 4 eligible areas.

  3. MUST be an independently owned business operating on the property under consideration for at least one year. Businesses and Non-profits receiving façade grant improvements must meet Small Business Criteria as defined in subdivision (g) of Cal. Gov. Code § 12100.82, meaning a business is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field of operation OR a Non-profit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity that satisfies the criteria for a qualified small business pursuant to subdivision (g) of Cal. Gov. Code § 12100.82 section (“ii”).

  4. MUST have 75 or fewer employees. An employee working 40 hours per week equals 1.0 FTE; Employee working 20 hours per week equals .5 PTE.

  5. If a Non-profit, MUST submit IRS Determination Letter.

  6. MUST submit licensed contractor information for verification to FAHF before the project start date.

  7. All work must be performed by a verified licensed contractor with a valid City of Fresno Business Tax Certificate.

  8. MUST submit proof of insurance for the licensed contractor upon selection.

  9. MUST submit a signed letter of approval from the building owner approving the façade project for those tenants with long-term leases.

  10. MUST commence the façade project after grant award confirmation is received.

  11. MUST submit before and after pictures.

  12. Only EXTERIOR façade renovations of EXISTING businesses or nonprofits are eligible.

  13. Historic properties must comply with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for the Rehabilitation of Historic Structures and receive approval from the City of Fresno Historic Preservation Commission prior to funding.

  14. Businesses/nonprofits within the boundary of the Tower District Design Guidelines shall first obtain approval from the Tower District Design Review Committee prior to commencing any façade improvements.

  15. Priority will be given to locally-owned and operated businesses and nonprofits.

  16. Businesses owned (in whole or part) by City of Fresno Staff, Council members, Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation Staff, or their spouses or domestic partners are NOT eligible.



Please check whether your storefront address falls within the approved areas.
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Have Questions?

Get further assistance on your grant application process by contacting us.

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