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Annual Gala
June 21, 2024

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Trusted to help start
or grow your business.

Introducing Confía, the expanding Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation.

Opportunity has never been greater for your idea to grow into a new business or to expand your existing one.  All it takes is for someone to come alongside you with a little help in the right places.

That’s us, with you every step of the way forward to start or grow your business. To help you with funding, with mentoring & incubation, with team training, with accounting, IT & marketing counsel, even with new market expansion including internationally with import and export opportunities.  

You’ve done the hardest part by having an idea and the courage to put it into action. The easy part is connecting with us to get going!

Let's go
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The Valley's Economy.

Technical Assistance (TA) Program

Through the TA Program, we are hands on with businesses during their start-up or expanding phase by providing the tools, resources, and educational workshops that lead their business to self-sufficiency.


We assist with the loan preparation process that offers access to capital for start-up and existing businesses. Business owners receive one-on-one counseling on business plan development areas.

Small Business Lending & Financial Workshops

We educate, assist, and create awareness of the financing opportunities available to small businesses and ultimately get them ready to apply for a business loan.


As a member of the foundation, you will be able to enjoy a multitude of benefits. Such as access to our program and services, workshops, conference rooms, networking events,



Dolores Neira

Recently I was exposed to this organization for the first time via a breakfast meeting.

I observed it to be very professional and staffed with a knowledgeable team. I look forward to interacting again soon.

Damon Thomas

One of the greatest organizations to belong to.

The Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation has always supported our technologies and businesses.

Dora Westerlund understands that we have techniques that can really benefit Hispanic business and more.

We are so glad to be members again!

Tell Us About Your Experience Working With FAHF And Being A Member Of The Foundation.

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1444 Fulton St., Fresno, CA 93721  /  Tel. (559) 222-8705

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